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Content Replacement Services

The Gifted Specialist provides content replacement and content enrichment to gifted students in grades 4-6. Students receive accelerated and enriched instruction in mathematics and/or language arts, depending upon their area(s) of identification and needs.

Students receive content replacement in lieu of the regular grade level curriculum provided in their homeroom classes, and content enrichment in addition to instruction provided in the homeroom or gifted cluster class. Curriculum in these content areas is accelerated to an appropriately challenging level. In language arts, students receive instruction through grammar and literature. Students move beyond the regular language arts curriculum using advanced levels of analysis and critical thinking. In math, students pursue topics such as probability, logic, statistics, algebra, and geometry at advanced levels.

Honors classes include:

  • Accelerated Mathematics
  • Latin stems studies as a foundation for interpreting the living languages
  • Socratic Seminars
  • Junior Great Books
  • Classic and Contemporary literature
  • Project Based Learning
  • Core Knowledge integrated curriculum
  • Advanced problem solving instruction
  • Classic literature
  • 4 level grammar
  • Math Olympiad & Continental Math competitions
  • Grammar and vocabulary instruction using the work of Michael Clay Thompson

Gifted Self-Contained

Gifted PreSchool

North Ranch Elementary houses one of three Gifted Preschool Programs in the district for 4-year-old children who are identified as gifted.

  • Emphasis on critical and creative thinking
  • Accelerated curriculum
  • Integrated technology
  • Individualization
  • Core content
  • Enrichment

Cluster Grouping Model

In The School-wide Cluster Grouping Model gifted students are clustered into a mixed-ability classrooms at each grade level. The teacher has had training in understanding, planning for, and instructing gifted students. In this model gifted students receive differentiated curriculum and instruction in all content areas on a daily basis. Classroom compositions are carefully structured with two main goals: to ensure that there is a balance throughout the grade level, and to reduce the learning range found in any given classroom. This system provides opportunities for teachers to more readily respond to the needs of all their students.

Gifted cluster teachers plan appropriately challenging instruction for their gifted students. This may involve acceleration, enrichment, and various extended learning opportunities targeted to develop the following skills through learning in the content areas:

  • Logical thinking
  • Reasoning skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Problem solving

Gifted students receive instruction that is differentiated in content, process, product, learning environment and assessment:

  • Content – Complex, abstract ideas presented in a variety of disciplines, including interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Process – Higher-level thinking through Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Multiple Intelligences
  • Products – Alternative methods of demonstrating mastery with a range of complexity
  • Learning environment – Student-centered, flexible grouping based on readiness, interests and abilities
  • Assessments – Pre-assessment and testing out-of-grade level curriculum.

Self-Contained Gifted Program

Self-contained kindergarten classes are designed for high-achieving gifted and talented students. Students work beyond grade level with intellectual peers. Students in this specialized kindergarten also participate in the school’s special areas and are included in all grade-level activities and field trips. 

  • Accelerated curriculum
  • Shared inquiry / Socratic questioning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Elements of reasoning
  • Technology integration
  • Emphasis on critical and creative thinking
  • Individualization
  • Core content / enrichment

The Self-contained Gifted program for grades 1st-6th reflects a thoughtful in-depth analysis of the disciplines that create the foundational support for Socratic methodology, which leads to the ‘grand conversations.' We cultivate the habits of intellectualism. A rich, problem-based, interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum elevates the mindset of the students. The exposure to interdisciplinary connections builds the foundation that encourages student social consciousness. A balanced approach, that blends a classical liberal arts curriculum and addresses the unique needs of 21st century students, is utilized to implement the philosophical foundation of this unique program. 

Students in the Self-contained Program participate in daily special areas (art, music and PE), lunch and recess with other grade-level classes. Students are included grade-level activities and field trips.

  • Curricular Highlights:
  • Junior Great Books
  • Classic and Contemporary literature
  • Latin-based vocabulary and grammar instruction using the works of Michael Clay Thompson
  • Math Olympiad/ Continental Math competitions
  • College of William and Mary curriculum

Teachers have developed and refined a course of curriculum and instruction designed for world class thinking and problem-based learning in the 21st century learning. Technology is one of the necessary components for student success in the world today; it keeps them actively engaged as they meld classical pedagogy with today’s rapidly expanding digital information systems.